Traditional Venetians

Decorating with the sun’s light and the role of window treatments has become increasingly important in residential as well as commercial environments. There is a very good reason why venetian blinds have been on the market for many decades. The simple, tried and true design has stood the test of time and the superior light control which is possible with venetians, together with the affordability of the product will ensure that the humble venetian blind will remain a popular option for households, offices and retail premises.

Cleeted Venetians

As well as the traditional concept, we offer our customers the option of cleets to surround your venetians. By offering you the option of cleets, we eliminate the gaps that occur between the blinds that are inevitable when multiple blinds are installed side by side on large windows. Now you can have practical and affordable venetian blinds on your large windows without sacrificing your privacy. You can colour co-ordinate the cleets with the venetian or the achitrave, or why not choose a contrasting colour for a different look?

Sliding Venetians

Simply cleeted venetians in a sliding frame. Now you can have the practicality and versatility of sliding shutters at a fraction of the cost. Our sliding venetians are sturdier than most window coverings for sliding doors and one of the most practical. Simply slide them out of the way – no more lifting your blinds to access your sliding doors. Our sliding venetians are specially manufactured to enable the frames to slide with the slats in the open position and we can match them to your existing venetians to complete the look. Available in a wide range of colours and materials.  Great for high traffic areas. The perfect solution for your sliding doors!

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