Australian Made

We’re Fighting Back!

Don’t be fooled by the term “Australian Manufacturer”
Australian Plantation Shutters is the Real Deal.
We manufacturer our aluminium shutters in Cardiff, NSW, Australia.

Ask questions, as many companies who use this term are actually Australian companies who manufacture offshore. We are an Australian Company who manufactures right here in Australia. Our business has grown and continues to gain market share because we are one of the only shutter companies who genuinely represents Australian Owned and Made and this is a major factor in our success. Even our raw materials are sourced from Australian suppliers – keeping Aussies in jobs and the profits in Australia.

Did you know?

We are the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia!

Australian Aluminium Shutter Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion Processing into Shutters

Painting Australian Plantation Shutters

Aluminium Shutter Blade Extrusion

Aluminium Shutter Blade Powder Coating Line

Aluminium Shutter Blade Manufacture Completed

Video Tour of Australian Shutter Manufacturing

Computerised Shutter Blade Drill

Computerised Shutter Blade Saw

Finishing the Ends of Shutter Blades

Screwing Shutter Frame Corners Together

Fitting Shutter Blades into the Frame

Attaching Control Bar to Shutter Blades

Screwing Shutter Door Panels into the Frames

Fitting Complete Shutter Panels into the Frames

Cleaning Completed Shutter Doors

Walkthrough and Attachment of Door Panel Fittings

Finished Shutters Ready to Install

Finished Shutters Ready to Deliver

Add value to your Newcastle home

with our quality Australian made aluminium plantation shutters!