DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters

Australian Made DIY Shutters

Installing Shutters has never been this easy.

Patented Design Exclusive to Australian Plantation Shutters**

3-5 minute installation time. Everything is done for you. Save money, save time and still retain the best quality plantation shutter on the market, backed up with a lifetime guarantee.

Calculate the cost of your custom shutter by picking a shutter type above

DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters

Watch How Easy It Is To Install An Australian Plantation Shutter

Custom Built. Delivered Straight To Your Door.

Our Cutting Edge Warehouse Located Right Here In Newcastle

DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters




On a tight budget? DIY is the perfect option for you! Our DIY shutter range saves you money. They are custom made to your measurement and are easy to install. Installation has never been this easier.

With the current economy, many people are looking for the means to rejuvenate their home, without spending a lot of money in the process. We enjoy helping our clients so that they get the best possible result and value for money.

Installation is dead easy.

Installing plantation shutters is a great way to increase the value and improve the aesthetics of your home.

What makes us different from every other shutter company?

Why do we have the easiest and best plantation shutters on the market?

Our Australian made plantation shutters are completely assembled, hinged and ball locked in their frame which is already pre-drilled and ready to be fitted. All that you need to do is to secure your shutter in your window reveal with the 6 screws provided, which go in the pre-drilled holes already in the frame! Installation couldnt be any easier. There are certainly a number of benefits that make it well worth looking into. You’d be saving a significant amount of money. You may save up to a 3rd of the cost whilst still retaining a life time warranty.

Please note our DIY shutters do not come in a flat pack (like imported brands). They are completely assembled ready to be fitted directly into your window frame.

DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters
DIY Shutters - DIY Shutters

How To Install Your Shutters

1 Panel

2 Panel

3 Panel

4 Panel

Step 1: Select Your Shutter Type

Australian Plantation Shutters offer a variety of shutters including hinge, fixed panel and bottom sliding

Step 2: Measure

Start by using our easy check measure guide to determine the width and height of your frame

Step 3: Specifications

What does your shutter need? do you require a mid rail and how many panels would you like?

Step 4: Optional Extras

Would you like any additional addons to your shutter such as a lock system, fly screen or a doggy door?

Step 5: Check Measure

Let us know your custom dimensions of your shutter by filling out our easy check measure form.

Step 6: Price Is Calculated

Price is automatically calculated for you based on your specifications.

Step 7: Confirm Your Order

Your brand new shutter will be added to your cart. Once deposit is paid we will begin manufacturing

Step 8: Our Factory Will Get To Work

Your order will be sent to our factory in Newcastle and we will begin manufacturing your shutters to your check measure.

Step 9: Ready For Pickup

You Australian made shutters will be available for pickup direct from the factory, or delivered straight to your door for an additional fee

Step 10: Installation

Your brand new aluminium plantation shutter will come completely assembled and ready to be fitted. simply mount your shutter into the frame and secure it in the window reveal. This takes approximately 3-5 minutes!

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