Convertible Pivot Awnings

Versatile, sleek and effective.

Convertible Pivot Awnings

Convertible pivot awnings are suitable for both ground floor and upper level applications. Optional hoods are available in different colours, to protect the fabric on the roller when retracted.

Convertible pivot awning solution is operated either externally with rope, tape, winch or internally with either tape or winch and motorisation with torque sensing technology. A three-sided head box allows mounting brackets to be positioned anywhere along the width, instead of at end of the awning.

Awning specialist from Australian Plantation Shutters are the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia! Australian Plantation Shutters take pride in being an 100% Australian family owned business.

As our products are Australian made, they are designed to suit harsh Australian conditions.

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Add value to your Newcastle home

with our quality Australian made Convertible Pivot Awnings!