Folding Arm Awnings

Awning specialist, Australian Plantation Shutters

Folding arm awnings (also known as retractable awnings) are a key element for creating an alfresco area. This awning solution pays for itself, preserving interiors and reducing bills. You should be comfortable in your own home- keeping areas warm in winter and cool in summer.

Folding arm awnings are popular for good reason. Awnings offer great sun protection over large areas. When not required, the arms retract the fabric back onto the roller and out of the way.  

This awning solution enhances lifestyle options and adds value to your home. Many property valuation experts even recommend them.

When choosing the right awning solution for you, you need to consider what you’re trying to achieve. Do you prioritise sun protection, weather control, or privacy? This will determine the type of awning you choose.

Australian Plantation Shutters are the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia! Australian Plantation Shutterstake pride in being an 100% Australian family owned business.

As our products are Australian made, they are designed to suit harsh Australian conditions.

Add value to your Newcastle home with awnings!

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Add value to your Newcastle home

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