Shutter Awnings

Stylish custom-made shutter awnings

Awnings, Australian Plantation Shutters

Control how much light enters your doorways and windows with our quality shutter awnings.
Shutter awnings are a stylish and effective way to control the natural light and can be installed in both residential and commercial properties. At Australian Plantation Shutters, we design, manufacture and install only the highest quality shutter awnings.

Shutter Awnings, Australian Plantation Shutters
Lake Macquarie, Australian Plantation Shutters
Shutter Awnings, Australian Plantation Shutters

Our shutters awnings are custom made right here in Newcastle. Manufactured on site in Cardiff from raw material through to final product. 
We are the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia! We take pride in being an 100% Australian family owned business.

Here at Australian Plantation Shutters, we can guarantee quality workmanship. We use top quality materials and products to give you best possible result. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and providing a positive experience for all.

Talk to our team at Australian Alumiunium Plantation Shutters to learn more about a unique shutter awning solution for your home or business. 
Call us on 1300 277 488 or email and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs!

Add value to your Newcastle home

with our quality Australian made shutter awnings!

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