Wire Guide Awnings

Wire Guide Awnings, Australian Plantation Shutters

Wire guide awnings offer a modern and unobtrusive design that provides protection from the sun.
Keep areas of your home or office warm in winter and cool in summer.

When not in use, wire guide awnings can be fully retracted, giving you a clear view of the outside world. As the fabric is attached to durable wire guides, the awnings won’t move about too much, the blind can be dropped to any particular height without moving in a breeze.

Wire Guide Awnings, Australian Plantation Shutters
Australian Plantation Shutters, Wire Guide Awnings
Australian Plantation Shutters, Wire Guide Awnings

These awnings can be installed into patio areas, decks, and over most windows, to help to stop harsh weather from damaging outdoor furniture and your alfresco area.

Australian Plantation Shutters is the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia! We take pride in being an 100% Australian family owned business.

As our products are Australian made, they are designed to suit harsh Australian conditions.

Wire guide awnings are a simple and stylish awning choice for your Newcastle home or office.

Get in touch with the friendly Australian Plantation Shutters team to learn more about our range of wire guide awnings. Call us on 1300APSHUTTERS or email enquiries@apshutters.com.au and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs! 

Add value to your Newcastle home

with our quality Australian made aluminium plantation shutters!

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