Add modern and elegant style to your home with our designer range of blinds.

Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds powered by Somfy offer the solution of total convenience. The enhanced function of a motorised roller blind offers the best and easiest resolution to control light within your room. Simply push a button on one of the new and stylish controllers, to either raise or lower your blinds. The Somfy controllers have a transmission range of 200 metres giving you the convenience of operating your blinds from anywhere in your home.

This automated options can bring a whole new modern dimension to your home.

Panel Glide

Panel Glide Blinds are a modern and elegant solution for large windows and Alfresco/ outdoor entertaining glass doors.
These blinds include large flat fabric panels with a neatly hidden track at the top. To maximise sunlight in your room, simply glide the panels across using the wand provided. The panels quietly glide along the track and stack neatly to one side behind one another.

To ensure privacy and reduce light, simply use the wand to glide the panels to the desired position.

This simple and sophisticated blind is available in a range of colours including natural looking translucent fabrics, and has the ability to transform any room.


This Honeycombed pleat blind is the perfect insulator to ensure your room remains warm or cool depending on the season. The distinguishing and cleverly designed pleat creates small air pockets which act as the insulator. The reflective white backing of the blind reflects any solar heat from the outside aiding the blinds ingenious insulating process.

The GALAXY cellular blind provides a gentle filtered light with its translucent fabrics without surrendering any of your privacy but can also come in beautiful metalized block out fabrics.

This is a revolutionary designed blind that can even aid in reducing your energy bills!

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple, easy to operate design yet so stylish and tasteful. These blinds can be either rolled up or down, using a chain to the side, to reach the desired level of both light and shading.

This is one of the most diverse style of blind, whether it’s an opaque block out fabric for the bedrooms or light filtering translucent yet private screen for the living area or even both, our blinds will be made to your individual request and specifications.

Dual Rollers

With Dual Rollers, not only can you modernise your home, but you will also have the flexibility of having two kinds of fabrics on the same window with different light control abilities.

During the day, the block out roller can be raised to reveal the beautiful light filtering fabric behind. This blind will give your room a soft enlightenment and allow you to enjoy your view outside while still keeping your privacy. During the late afternoon or night, roll down the feature block out fabric to help insulate your room or create a different look for your home.

This style of blind is perfect for your lounge or living area or even bedrooms.

We have a huge range of fabrics you can colour match to suit your own unique taste.

Lumen Blinds

This innovative design allows you to maintain your view of outside while still ensuring your privacy.

The LUMEN blind combines a designer curved fascia with a chain control to the side to alter the amount of sunlight during the day or, provide the ability of a completely closed blind to defend your privacy within your home. The LUMEN has an added bonus of providing UV and heat protection.

This modernising LUMEN can take your home to the next level of contemporary with its unique bottom rail device promoting the smoothest of operations.

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