Elegance Blinds

Modern, Stylish and Sophisticated

Maintain your view while protecting your privacy!

If you’re wanting to add a modern and stylish feature to your home, elegance blinds (sometimes called sheer roller blinds) provide the perfect option. Our range of Australian made elegance blinds offer a sophisticated and minimalistic look for your Newcastle home.


The main material used in elegance blinds is sheer, the fabric operating on a continuous loop, controlling the amount of blinds you wish to use, adjusting your view and level of privacy. While people outside can’t see in when the blinds are in full use, those inside can still observe what’s happening outside. As these blinds are made from sheer material, sunlight can still enter your house, however it’s a diffused natural sunlight. There’s no need to worry about UV rays or glare from the sun with blinds, instead, you’re presented with a soft natural light that evokes a calming environment.

As you can alter the amount of sunlight entering, or close the blinds completely to deter prying eyes, blinds provide protection and privacy for your home or office.

Australian Plantation Shutters is a family owned and operated business founded in Newcastle by Christopher Trudgett. Our story began in 1992 from hand making cedar shutters and venetians. Over the last 30 years Mr Trudgett has perfected the plantation shutter to a sleek, strong and durable product.

Get in touch with the Australian Plantation Shutters team to learn more about our range of elegance blinds. Call us on 1300APSHUTTERS or email enquiries@apshutters.com.au and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs! 

Add value to your Newcastle home

with our quality Australian made aluminium plantation shutters!

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