Night & Day Blinds (Lumens)

Night & Day Blinds, Australian Plantation Shutters

The Lumen is an innovative and modern window dressing that introduces a new level of light control.

Lumen blinds are operated by a small chain, just like roller blinds, and move individual translucent and opaque strips past each other. The more translucent strips you leave exposed, the more filtered light you let in. Generally you can see out of the lumen stripes, and appreciate the filtered light, but passersby cannot see in through the stripes.

From fully opaque, to 50% light, to 100% light when you roll up the blind, Lumen blinds give you full control. This innovative design allows you to maintain your view of outside while still ensuring your privacy. The Lumen has an added bonus of providing UV and heat protection.

Choose lumen blinds for a unique and modern alternative to traditional window dressings. Give your space interest and an added geometric design feature by using lumen blinds. More than other blind styles, lumen blinds are truly stripy!

Australian Plantation Shutters is the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia! We take pride in being an 100% Australian family owned business.

As our products are Australian made, they are designed to suit harsh Australian conditions.

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