If you want to build a home that combines comfort, smart design, and style, having shutters, awnings, or blinds installed is practically a given. Regardless of what type of weather you may experience in your area, these fixtures are sure to help shield you and your family from extreme conditions.

As a homeowner, you have heaps of home elements to think about when building a new home or trying to improve your current one. However, you should know that shutters, awnings, and blinds are going to be some of the most helpful fixtures you will ever install in your home.

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Let Australian Plantation Shutters be your partner in Booral shutters, awnings and blinds

You need to be smart about the company you are dealing with, especially when it comes to installing home elements that are crucial in safeguarding your home from external conditions. Apart from that, you should deal with a company that prides itself in not just providing materials that work, but also items that are aesthetically-pleasing, perfect for homes that exude style.

If you’re currently living in Booral, Port Stephens, you can rely on Australian Plantation Shutters when it comes to Booral blinds, awnings, and shutters. Australian Plantation Shutters is one of the best providers of indoor and outdoor fixtures in Australia for years, and we have honed our craft to make sure that we give our customers the best products and services available in the country.

One of the best things you should know about our products is that they are all made in Australia. That means that we can easily monitor everything, from sourcing materials to the manufacturing method and process. We work closely with our manufacturing team to make sure that the items we install are strong, sturdy, and will last for an extended period.

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Services we offer

Here at Australian Plantation Shutters, we offer a variety of products that we can install on your doors and windows, as well as use as dividers in your homes. We offer different types of Booral shutters, Booral awnings, and Booral blinds for your perusal.

For shutters, we have interior, exterior, and customer shutters. Some of the indoor shutter types you can get from us include hinged shutters, bi-fold shutters, bay window shutters, corner windows, bathroom kitchen shutters, room dividers, and more.

As for exterior shutters, we can provide fixed panel shutters, fixed louvre shutters, hinged shutters, sliding shutters, and alfresco shutters. You can also get customised the vertical blade, commercial, angled, coloured, fly screen, and lockable shutters from us if your structure requires it.

As for blinds, we can provide roller, dual roller, elegance, Venetian, night day, and panel glide blinds for you. Alternatively, for awnings, you can choose among convertible pivot, folding arm, straight drop, wire guide or zip screen awnings, among others.

With Australian Plantation Shutters, you’d have a wide variety of products to choose from. You’ll never settle for anything less than what you need with our Booral shutters, awnings and blinds.


Why choose Australian Plantation Shutters for your Booral shutters, awnings, and blinds needs

Booral is known for its warm and temperate climate. It has a significant amount of rainfall, and even its driest month has a lot of rain. With such wet weather, you will need to install awnings, blinds, and shutters to give your home a boost in resistance when it comes to such external conditions. You know that your home is only as good as its fixtures and features, so it is vital that you install home elements that would serve your property well.

No matter what weather you may encounter in Booral, you can rest easy about your comfort and convenience when you have your awnings, shutters, and blinds. Are you ready to give your house an upgraded look? Go ahead and add a touch of functionality and versatility to your house by installing Booral awnings, shutters, and blinds. Choose a company that offers high-quality products and services to customers like you. Contact Australian Plantation Shutters now to know more!

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