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Wide clear windows with no shutters or blinds make a home feel bare and vulnerable. The glare of the sun and the harsh elements can come together and damage your house. To keep you in comfort and your property in good condition, you need blinds, awnings and shutters.

Benefits of Cessnock shutters, awnings, and blinds

Strong and durable shutters, awnings and blinds in your property ensure your privacy and protection from outside elements. Internal window shutters offer efficient insulation. Aside from boosting your property value and your comfort, well-designed awnings and shutters also make your home more beautiful.

About Australian Plantation Shutters

Australian Plantation Shutters provides proudly Australian-made products. As expert Newcastle manufacturers of interior and exterior plantation shutters, we create high quality and durable products that understand customer needs. Whether you are looking for comfort, privacy, or better resale value, we have a product for you.

High-quality Cessnock blinds, shutters, and awnings

We offer a wide variety of products made entirely on site in Cardiff. They are easy to install and quick to assemble. Our aluminium shutters come with a 25-year warranty, ensuring true value for money.

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Live and work comfortably in Cessnock

Cessnock City is a bustling administrative town in Hunter Valley, NSW. Home to numerous historical buildings and sites, Cessnock has a quiet residential feel. For people living in Cessnock, rain and shine are best enjoyed under durable shutters and awnings.

Find high-quality Cessnock awnings, blinds and shutters today

Installing awnings and blinds to your home can increase its value as a financial asset. However, it could also cause severe damage to your home if done incorrectly. You need a reputable company to take care of your comfort, privacy, and protection needs. Trust in Australian Plantation Shutters. Call today at 1300 277 488 for a consultation!

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