Lake Macquarie, Australian Plantation Shutters

Lake Macquarie

There are many things to love about window treatments that provide versatility and can be low-maintenance. Lake Macquarie shutters, for example, can suit every style or interior design regardless if the house is an old but charming structure, a rustic home, or a modern building.

Shutters, awnings and Lake Macquarie blinds improve the value of the house, aside from offering privacy, protection, and security. In a humid city like Lake Macquarie, shutters, awnings, and blinds have to be energy-efficient and easy to clean.

Custom Built Window Treatments in Lake Macquarie

While it may seem easier to put curtains on windows, going for custom-built window treatments can be a practical long-term investment.

At Australian Plantation Shutters, we provide durable products that can thrive in a volatile climate. As a family-owned business, we go beyond treating our customers with the quality service they deserve. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing window treatments for homeowners, companies, builders, and interior designers

What We Do

Our top products are locally-made plantation shutters, which are powder-coated to be resistant to warping, corroding, and discoloration. Australian Plantation Shutters also carefully take care of the installation without any mess nor on-site drilling.

Australian Plantation Shutters can work with any specifications that the customers require. With our background in engineering, we can give the best advice and solutions on what shutters, awnings and blinds would be best suited for your lifestyle and your property.

Living and Doing Business in Lake Macquarie

Found in the Hunter Region, Lake Macquarie’s general climate is mild with distinct warm and cool seasons. This city is one of the largest coastal areas, and it is filled with a vast natural playground.

Waterfront villages dominate Lake Macquarie’s communities; thus, most houses here take advantage of the breathtaking views and mild weather with its large windows. Lake Macquarie homeowners, therefore, need practical window treatments to beautify and protect their home.

Quality Lake Macquarie Shutters, Awnings and Blinds

If you’d like to invest in quality shutters, awnings and blinds, you need to work with a provider who knows what they are doing. Working with Australian Plantation Shutters would be the best decision you can make when it comes to your home’s window furnishing. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!

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