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Your house is a place where you can rest with comfort and privacy. High-quality awnings, shutters, and blinds add to your home’s protection and insulation. In the diverse town of Singleton, shutters and blinds also add style and personality to your property.

The need for Singleton blinds, awnings and shutters

Expertly-manufactured blinds, shutters, and awnings immediately add to the re-sell value of your home. Aside from making your property look more complete and styled, it also protects your windows from damage. Aluminium shutters provide strength and durability, while internal window shutters are an excellent insulating option.

About Australian Plantation Shutters

To meet your needs for comfort, style, protection and privacy, Australian Plantation Shutters has been manufacturing durable and beautiful shutters, blinds, and awnings. Our aluminium products balance your desire for privacy, strength, and value for money.

Our products are proudly made in Australia. They are designed to be quick and easy to install, to perfectly fit your property.

High-quality Singleton blinds, shutters and awnings

Australian Plantation Shutters provides only expertly-manufactured blinds, shutters and awnings to property owners in Singleton and other areas in NSW. These products are built to last, with warranties up to 25 years.

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Shutters, Blinds and Awnings in Singleton

Singleton is a diverse town located in NSW. With activities and commercial complexes ranging from agricultural, tourism and outdoor adventures, this riverside town has a lot of personality. Residents and property owners have the freedom to express themselves with style.

Find high-quality Singleton blinds, awnings and shutters today

You can’t rely on any company to handle the manufacturing and installation of your blinds or shutters. A bad job can damage your property and destroy the look of your home. As expert manufacturers, Australian Plantation Shutters is perfect for the job. Contact us today for a consultation!

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