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In the sunny beachside city of Wollongong, it is vital that you keep your home’s interior, doors, and windows protected from the harsh heat. Wollongong shutters, blinds, and awnings have also been used to transform and beautify homes and properties. Aside from improving the curb appeal of your property, high-quality shutters also make your home more energy efficient. It effectively blocks out the heat and cold, thereby reducing the need for heaters and air conditioners.

Australian Plantation Shutters is your no. 1 choice in Wollongong

Australian Plantation Shutters have been providing high quality and premium aluminium shutters, blinds, and awnings in Wollongong for years. We ensure that our products meet your expectations, and even surpass it. We offer only the most durable shutters, blinds, and awnings in NSW. They come with a 25-year product warranty for your peace of mind and security

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We offer the following range of window and door fixtures in Wollongong for you to choose from:
plantation shutters, aluminium shutters, aluminium plantation shutters
Interior shutters
Exterior Shutters and External Shutter
Exterior Shutters
Fixed Panel Shutters Operable Blades
Custom shutters
Blinds, Australian Plantation Shutters
Awning specialist, Australian Plantation Shutters
From sliding, folding, and hinged shutters, to modern and chic awnings, we give you a wide range of options to choose from. They are powder coated to withstand extreme weather conditions in Wollongong. They are rust and stain free, so they stay beautiful for years. Get only the best aluminium shutters, blinds, and awnings in Wollongong from Australian Plantation Shutters.

About the magical Wollongong

Wollongong City is NSW’s third largest city. This idyllic, beach side city is home to stunning beaches, beachside cafes, and laid-back restaurants. There are also many fun and exciting water activities to do in this gorgeous city. If you live in Wollongong City, give your home and windows the best protection that you can give.

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Install only the best Wollongong shutters and Wollongong blinds from a trusted and reputable company. We can specially make shutters, blinds, and awnings to meet your requirements and needs. We offer a wide range of window and door fixtures, both for residential and commercial purposes. Call us now for a free consultation in Wollongong.

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