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The Advantages Of Aluminium

Our unique bifold shutter system

Aluminium Advantages - Plantation Shutters

Australian Plantation Shutters inside your home are the perfect way to insulate and add that style you have been after!

Top Sliding

Aluminium Advantages - Plantation Shutters

Our unique patented sliding head system is guaranteed to have no sag for a lifetime. The sides are small for light blocking only and do not protrude from the wall like imported shutters.

Available without tracks on the floor which provides a clear pathway through your door.

Bi Folding

Aluminium Advantages - Plantation Shutters

Our unique bi folding system avoids tap fittings and other obstacles which prevent standard hinge shutters from opening fully.

This allows maximum views by folding back against the wall on either side of the window.


Aluminium Advantages - Plantation Shutters

Our slimline Z-Frame system looks almost flush with the architrave unlike conventional frame shutters which typically protrude out from the architrave at least 20mm.

The hinge system prevents sagging in panels and ensures they close perfectly every time.

Available without tracks on the floor which provides a clear pathway through your door.

Benefits of Australian Aluminium Plantation Shutters

  • You can control the light and maintain your privacy!
  • Our beautiful Plantation Shutters are as durable as your aluminium windows and Aussie made here in Newcastle!
  • Aluminium can withstand any weather condition and will last for decades!
  • Powder coating is one of the greatest coatings ever made! They will not warp, chip, discolour or stain!
  • Australian Plantation Shutters can span wider! SO, you can get a cleaner more visually pleasing internal shutter without all the fussiness of rods and bars!
  • Add them to your windows, doors or as a divider between rooms!
  • Sliding shutter system of Australian Plantation Shutters is one of a kind in Australia. Our patented design ensures the strength and sleek design.
  • Internal shutters of Australian Plantation Shutters are cleaner and smoother… with the tightest closure possible compared to any other brand!!
  • 90mm or 115mm blade size available.
  • They come in a range of powder coat and wrap colours.
  • All the manufacturing is done in Australia, by Australians to ensure that we have the best aluminium plantation shutters with a lifetime guarantee.

Add value to your Newcastle Home

with our quality Australian made aluminium plantation shutters!

The Benefits of Aluminium Plantation Shutters

  • Powder Coated
  • Resistant to extreme temperature
  • Durable and strong
  • Can span wider than any other material
  • Insulates like a double-glazed window
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Will not warp out of shape
  • Will not peel or crack like timber
  • Will not stain or discolour
  • Will not rust

Bottom Sliding Installation