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Durable, Versatile, Australian made Aluminium Shutters

Any homeowner would agree: having shutters is necessary if you want to build a comfortable and stylish home. There are hundreds of elements that make up a house, but not all of them contributes the same amount of protection as a NSW shutters will do.

If you are looking to add a touch of flair, functionality, and versatility to your home, look into installing these fixtures to your home!

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Australian Plantation Shutters:
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Australian Plantation Shutters offers our expert and quality service to the Central Coast area. Whatever your sunlight and privacy needs on the Central Coast, domestic or commercial, we will have the solution for you.

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Locations -

Australian Plantation Shutters is one of Australia’s premier providers of shutters. We have been in this industry for years, and we have the necessary experience to help you get the indoor and outdoor fixtures you’ve always wanted to have. All of our products are made in Australia, which means that you can trust on the quality of materials we use and manufacturing method we employ.

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Australian Plantation Shutters offers a variety of items that you can use for your doors, windows, or dividers inside and outside your home. If you are looking for interior shutters, we offer different types — from hinged shutters to room dividers. We do exterior shutters like fixed panel shutters, bi-fold shutters, and sliding shutters, among others. When it comes to finding the type of fixture you want, the sky is the limit with Australian Plantation Shutters.

We serve the following areas:

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Hunter Valley
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Lake Macquarie
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Central Coast
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Port Stephens
Myall Lakes
Port Macquarie
Fixed Panel
Elsewhere? Try Our DIY Selection!

Why you need shutters from Australian Plantation Shutters

To protect yourself from natural weather conditions and provide privacy to your family regardless of the seasons, we recommend getting shutters of your own. Choose a company that prides itself in high-quality materials and manufacturing process. Call Australian Plantation Shutters now to know more!

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