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Window treatments like shutters, awnings, and blinds add a level of privacy for the home. It also filters the natural light that comes in to keep the house cooler, especially in a central coast city like Maitland where the weather can be more humid.

These window features also improve the living space, as well as create an ambiance of homey comfort. Maitland shutters, awnings and blinds also keep the house in stellar condition because it protects the furniture, hardwood floors and wall paint from degrading due to the drizzle of rain and the harsh rays of the sunlight.

Custom Built Window Treatments in Maitland

Suffice to say, window treatments are investments that deliver privacy, control of light, protection, and aesthetics. Spending for a custom-built design can be worth your money if you get it done by professionals.

Australian Plantation Shutters can provide you with quality custom-built shutters, Maitland awnings, and blinds that you can enjoy and benefit from for years. Australian Plantation Shutters have over 30 years of experience in helping many Maitland homeowners improve their home.

What Australian Plantation Shutters Do

Australian Plantation Shutters specialise in manufacturing durable, presentable and long-lasting custom-made window treatments. Unlike other services, Australian Plantation Shutters manufacture the shutters, awnings, and blinds in our local plant in Newcastle.

Our best products are made of raw materials and aluminium that can withstand the fickleness of Australian weather conditions. The quality of our products has been proven to reduce cracking, corrosion, discoloration, peeling and warping.

Best of all, we offer a 25-year warranty for our creations.

Life and Work in Maitland

Maitland is a vibrant wine region filled with heritage structures and rural vistas in the vineyards. As an agricultural hinterland, this city is quite progressive and accessible.

Maitland has an attractive and diverse lifestyle, with a safe and sustainable environment. Most homes here have large windows to address humidity issues. As such, window treatments are a necessity.

Quality Maitland Shutters, Awnings or Blinds

When it comes to window furnishing, you can expect nothing less from Australian Plantation Shutters. We take pride in the manufacture of Australian products, and Australian Plantation Shutters ensure the quality of what we deliver. Get in touch with us today for a quote!

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