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Bay Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters

Add a touch of style and elegance to your home with our custom-made bay window shutters.
Whether you have a Victorian window or a modern build box bay, our window shutters are the perfect solution. ​

Bay Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters
Bay Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters
Bay Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters

The style of the bay window shutters depends on your needs. Do you value privacy, style or versatility? Or perhaps all three! Our shutters are custom-made, allowing us to meet your unique needs. Australian plantation shutters also offer custom colour shutters to help you match- or contrast- your décor!

Window shutters maitland are easy to maintain, add style and elegance and can even add value to your home.

Australian Made

Australian Plantation Shutters are custom-made right here in Newcastle. Manufactured on site in Cardiff from raw material through to final product.

Our window shutters maitland are designed to be durable and strong, with the widest span of any shutters on the market. Our powder-coated shutters are protected from rust, discoloration, peeling and warping. They are the only window shutters maitland that can withstand Australian weather conditions; rain, hail and shine our shutters look as good as when you bought them. Feel secure with our 25-year warranty for interior shutters!

Get in touch with the friendly team at Australian Plantation Shutters today to find the right window shutters maitland solution to suit your needs!

Call us on 1300 277 488 or fill out the contact form and Australian plantation shutters will get back to you as soon as possible.

Add value to your Newcastle Home

with our quality Australian made bay windows! ​

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