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Australian Plantation Shutters Have The Easiest System On The Market For Installation

Using an exclusive patented design, Australian Plantation Shutters have cracked the code on DIY Shutter simplicity. We understand the headache that can be flatpack PVC shutters, having to drill together a frame with a bunch complicated small parts.

 Our shutters are designed so that anyone can install them! They come completely assembled, hinged and ball locked in their frame which is already pre-drilled and ready to be fitted. All that you need to do is to secure your shutter in your window reveal with the 6 screws provided, which go in the pre-drilled holes already in the frame!

Save money, save time and still get the best quality plantation shutter that the market has to offer, with a record-breaking 3-5 minute installation time and a lifetime guarantee.

The videos below show the members of our team installing our DIY products, just to show you how easy they are to install. Please note our DIY shutters do not come in a flat pack (like imported brands). They are completely assembled ready to be fitted directly into your window frame.

1 Panel Shutter Installation

2 Panel Shutter Installation

3 Panel Shutter Installation

4 Panel Shutter Installation

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