Alfresco Shutters Maitland

Transform your alfresco area into a beautiful outdoor haven

alfresco shutters
Enclose the most open spaces to create ambience and protection from the harshest weather all year round. Control the light and breeze, whilst still maintaining your privacy.
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Australian Plantation Shutters use marine grade materials that will withstand the salt air, rain and sun and heat!

Our powder coated external shutters are strong and durable and will give that style and sleek outdoor touch you have been looking for!

Whether it’s the hot or the cold you are trying to escape… Our external shutters will give you the insulation from the extreme weather and transform your alfresco into a usable space!

Australian Plantation Shutters are custom made right here in Newcastle. Manufactured on site in Cardiff from raw material through to final product.

Contact us today to find the perfect alfresco shutters for your home!

Australian Made Alfresco Shutters

We are the only known manufacturer in the country to source 100% of our materials from Australia!

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