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Feel lucky to be in Newcastle. A city blossoming with new business and cultural activity, Newcastle is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. The coast is beautiful to look at, but it also has its hazards; strong winds, reflected sunlight, and salty air pose a threat to homes and building exteriors. Light and thermal control is paramount in Australian homes for comfort and re-sell value.

Manage your windows with plantation shutters. Our aluminium shutters are designed to be durable and strong, with the widest span of any shutters on the market. Our powder-coated shutters are protected from rust, discoloration, peeling and warping. They are the only shutters that can withstand Australian weather conditions; rain, hail and shine our shutters look as good as when you bought them. Feel secure with our 10-year warranty (exterior) and 25-year warranty (interior)! 

Your home is your sanctuary, your financial asset, and your protection from the outside world. Make your home more beautiful and add property value by installing Plantation Shutters. For a patio, choose aluminium shutters for strength and durability. For internal window, shutters choose from our smooth line and insulating options. Our range of shutters gives you the freedom to accentuate your home your way. Australian Plantation Shutters will help you choose the perfect sunlight and privacy control system for you.

Visit one of our showrooms or call us on 1300 277 488 to discuss your Newcastle residential or commercial shutter needs.

Why choose australian plantation shutters?

Shutters have been used to protect windows and interiors from heat and sunlight. They also provide privacy from unwanted attention. The need for shutters have evolved. They are no longer just for protection from the harsh environment. There are stylish and practical shutters that you can choose from to transform and protect your home at the same time. They also make your home energy efficient, by effectively blocking sunlight.

Australian Plantation Shutters is a Newcastle-based manufacturer of premium shutters. Our products are custom made with strength and durability in mind. They come with a 25-year warranty for your security. Australian Plantation Shutters will add value and appeal to your home with our stylish and practical aluminium window and door fixtures.

How Australian Plantation Shutters can help

Australian Plantation Shutters offer the following range of products for you to choose from:

plantation shutters, aluminium shutters, aluminium plantation shutters
Interior shutters
Exterior Shutters and External Shutter
Exterior Shutters

Australian Plantation Shutters offer sliding, folding, and hinged shutters, allowing you to choose the style that will suit your home. Our products are resistant to the extreme Australian weather. They are powder coated and made from aluminium, making them strong and durable. They are also easy to install and require no pre-drilling on your window frames.

Living comfortably in Newcastle

Newcastle is the seventh largest city of Australia, and the second most populated. It boasts of stunning and beautiful coastline, with pristine beaches. Newcastle is famous for its scenic and relaxing coastal walks, surfing activities, and great food. If you live here, be sure to protect your windows and your home only with the best shutters.

Call us for your shutters needs

It is critical to protect the house that protects you. Install only high-quality shutters from a reputable company. Australian Plantation Shutters can custom make shutters for your unique needs. Whether for commercial spaces or for your home, Australian Plantation Shutters have a wide range of shutter designs for you. Call us now for a free consultation.

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