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10 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

10 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

Plantation Shutters are very popular and high in demand. They add a unique look to your home, provide great ventilation, privacy, and add to the monetary value of your home. However, they are expensive and sometimes, the cost may deter potential buyers from going for other cost-effective solutions like mini-blinds or drapes.
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Here are the top 10 reasons why plantation shutters are a great idea if you moving into a new home or getting it renovated.

1. The Look:

Despite the fact that plantation shutters are expensive, people still prefer to install them. Why? They enhance the looks of your home manifold. They are attractive to look at. Most shutters installed in homes are wooden. Wood is long lasting, looks great when finished and is easy to maintain. You can get them painted or polished and they look equally good in both.

2. Privacy:

Plantation shutters are visible both from inside as well as outside. However, what makes them unique is that from certain angles, you can look outside but the people outside cannot see you. So it guarantees complete privacy. On top of that, it allows the natural light to filter in which helps in making the interiors glow brightly.

3. Durable:

Most Plantation shutters are made of wood which is strong and long-lasting. Moreover, the shutters are custom made for every home and hence extra care goes into installing them and building the joints. Plantation shutters last for years and are also covered with the warranty. So your investment in them pays off in the long run.

4. Added Value For Your Home:

Shutters add to the financial value of your home. If you decide to sell your home tomorrow, it will fetch a better price due to plantation shutters installed in it as compared to a house that does not have them installed.
10 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home -

5. Child Safe:

Unlike blinds, drapes, or curtains, the shutters do not have any cords or strings that children might tangle themselves in. Hence they are completely safe for homes with young children.

6. Ventilation:

This is the biggest draw of plantation shutters. You can open the shutters in a way that it lets the fresh air in without exposing your house to the outside world. Moreover, due to their material and installation, they do not make flutter in the wind, squeak, or make strange noises associated with blinds or shades.

7. Energy Savings:

Plantation Shutters are excellent insulators and can also be used to deflect sunlight. So in winters, they provide insulation whereas, in summers, they can be used to deflect sunlight leading to savings in power bills. There are mechanical shutters as well that open or close automatically to act as skylights during winters providing sunlight all day long and keep the sun from heating your house in the summers.

8. Protection for your Household Items:

Shutters do not let the harmful UV rays from the sun directly into your home. So they protect items like furniture, curtains, fabrics and carpets from fading due to exposure to the sun.
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9. Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean:

All it takes to clean the shutters is a damp cloth to clean the dust, dirt and grime. Shutters are maintenance free that need no servicing or repairing. You don’t need to uninstall them or bring them down for cleaning. They also have a broader surface area that makes it easy to remove any dirt or dust quickly.

10. Can be Used as Room Partitions:

In some cases, plantation shutters can be used as room partitions and can be added to the half-walls and passages so as to achieve better space management. You can open the shutter doors when something needs to be passed through and then again close them if you need some privacy.

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10 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home -
10 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home -

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