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Australian Plantation Shutters Versus Others

Australian Plantation Shutters Versus Others

Plantation shutters have a huge demand in Australia and for good reasons. They look attractive, provide privacy, ventilation, are easy to clean and maintain, and are durable. That is why homes without plantation shutters have lesser resale value than the ones that have the shutters installed in them. People buying homes find a lot of value in them.

History of Plantation Shutters

There is a lot of variety available in the market today, both in the types and materials used in shutters as well as their prices. This can leave a lot of potential buyers confused. There is also a misconception that there is a perceived difference of quality among different manufacturers and makes of plantation shutters. Let us look at some of the facts that led to this misconception and if at all, there is any truth in them.

Interior Shutter and internal shutter

  • Back in the day when plantation shutters were just about catching the fancy of the general public, very few people took interest in them and still fewer installed them. The reason being that they were quite expensive and unaffordable for the common masses. Most, if not all shutters were manufactured here in Australia and they were made of cedar. No wonder, the plantation shutters were a high-end luxury item.
  • Then some manufacturers started importing the custom made shutters from China, Indonesia, and Russia. These shutters were inexpensive and had a great deal of variety unlike their Australian counterparts which were mostly similar.
  • As the demand for the plantation shutters increased, more and more manufacturers started importing them instead of Australian shutters. This lead to an unprecedented crisis in the local economy for plantation shutters and many manufacturers had to close their shops.
  • With a wide range of China made plantation shutters flooding the Australian market, there came greater choice of material as well. Different kinds of timber, composite materials, stains and finishes gave the consumers a plethora of choices. However, not everything was rosy. With these mass imports and tremendous variety came fluctuations in quality as well. A lot of sub-standard plantation shutters were being sold without any check on their quality.

Australian Made or Chinese Made Plantation Shutters?

So the above points beg a question.

  1. How does a prospective buyer of plantation shutters differentiate and choose a good quality shutter for their home?
  2. Are all imports from China of sub-standard quality?
  3. Are Australian plantation shutters good enough to justify their premium pricing?

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If you’ve decided to install plantation shutters in your home, consider the following:

  • Not all manufacturers are created equal: There are good and bad makers of plantation shutters here in Australia as well as in China. You must understand that in order to buy a good durable plantation shutter, you neither have to pay an exorbitant premium, nor get tempted by a ridiculously low price. Usually, there will be a good balance between the quality and the price of the product. With plantation shutters, the usual thumb rule is that it simply costs more to make these products.
  • Construction: The design of the shutters, how they are constructed, how they are joined is all about great craftsmanship and when all these things are put together well, it adds to the cost of the plantation shutter.
  • Final Finish: How is the final product finished? Whether it will be painted, stained, oiled, or lacquered will vary the final price.
  • Installation: The installation of the plantation shutters is also an important component contributing to the final price. There are variety of scenarios but suffice to say that ground level installation costs less than a high-window installation.

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So when you decide to buy a plantation shutter for your home, weigh all the options discussed above. Do not base your decision only on the country of origin of the shutters. And remember, plantation shutters do cost on the higher side simply due to the material and quality of craftsmanship involved.

Did you know Australian Plantation Shutters are custom made right here in Newcastle, NSW?

Manufactured on site in Cardiff from raw material through to final product.
Our aluminium shutters Newcastle are designed to be durable and strong, with the widest span of any shutters on the market. Our powder-coated shutters are protected from corrosion, discoloration, peeling and warping. They are the only shutters that can withstand Australian weather conditions; rain, hail and shine our aluminium shutters look as good as when you bought them.
Feel secure with up to 25 year warranty!

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