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3 Signs You Need Interior Plantation Shutters

3 Signs You Need Interior Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been in vogue for a long time. Homeowners install them for a variety of reasons; control natural light in your home, protect it from heat and dust and provide security and privacy to your family members. However, if you are facing issues with inconsistent light and temperature in your home and haven’t ever considered installing plantation shutters on your windows, there are a few signs that will tell you that your windows may need plantation shutters.

When the members of your house constantly complain about uncomfortable temperatures inside the house, both in summer and winter, there is inadequate natural light, curtains or blinds never quite close fully or let in light around the edges of the window frame, you should definitely consider installing interior plantation shutters.

3 Signs You Need Interior Plantation Shutters -

Uncomfortable Temperature: No matter which part of Australia you live in, you are likely to experience different variations of hot and cold weather at some time of the year. This often leads to variations in the temperature that we feel at home. In winter, there isn’t enough warmth and in summer, the temperature soars making everyone uncomfortable. The number one reason for these issues is insufficient window insulation. Plantation shutters, especially aluminium ones work very well in regulating the home temperature all through the year. They are great insulators, have a solid construction, and their design helps to seal the windows perfectly.

With aluminium plantation shutters installed in your home, you can make your house extremely energy efficient and save a lot on utility bills.

3 Signs You Need Interior Plantation Shutters -

Inadequate Natural Light: Another startling sign is easier to identify than the varying temperature. When there always seems either excessive light inside the rooms or the rooms always seem dark even on the brightest of days, your windows need plantation shutters. A window treatment with plantation shutters made of the right material and installed properly with skill and expertise can take care of the lighting issues completely.

Homeowners usually go for window drapes or shades that have only two options. You can either keep them open or closed. So, there is no control. The room will be either lit with natural light or be completely dark. With plantation shutters, you have complete control of how much light enters the room due to full range of motion offered by louvers. Due to this they are also great to maintain privacy. With them closed at a certain angle, you can watch outside whereas the people outside cannot, keeping you safe and secure from prying eyes.

3 Signs You Need Interior Plantation Shutters -

Window Treatments Need Constant Repairs and Maintenance: Windows drapes, shades, and even shutters that are of cheap quality, inferior material, and not properly installed can result in constant hassle of replacing or repairing the shutters or drapes. Also, the shades and drapes are prone to getting dirty or stained, torn, or fade away with time. Also, due to the nature of such window decorations, they go out of fashion quickly.

None of these issues plague the plantation shutters. They are the timeless, modern, durable, and most resilient window treatments of our times. They have been in existence for over a century and you can be sure that they serve their purpose dutifully for decades to come.

If you notice any of the signs above, consult a professional, skilful, and reputed plantation shutter maker in your area. They will suggest different ways to install plantation shutters in your home and resolve the issues with lighting and temperature.

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