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6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutters are very popular these days and rightly so. They protect the windows from heat, dust, and harsh elements of weather and make your windows and home look stylish and modern. However, due to their popularity, there are a number of varieties of plantation shutters available in the market. There are different forms, colours, material, and prices which makes it difficult for buyers, especially first-time buyers to decide which plantation shutters should they choose for their home. This guide will help you identify which qualities you should look for in plantation shutters so that you buy nothing but the best shutters for your home.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

Quality of material

The first and foremost quality of a plantation shutter is the material used in creating it. The type of material used has a direct bearing on the strength and longevity of the shutters. There are various materials used in building shutters like wood, aluminium, fibre, and synthetic. However, aluminium makes strong and versatile plantation shutters. Aluminium is light, does not rust, and is durable. That makes aluminium shutters all-weather shutters that last for a long time and can be powder-coated to reflect many colours and shades. Aluminium is by nature a strong, dependable, and resilient material. So aluminium shutters do not bend, warp, fade, crack, and are easy to clean and require no maintenance.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

There is proper and adequate louver tension

This is an important factor to look for as the louvers for the shutters should stay in the same position throughout the life of the plantation shutter. They should be smooth to operate and there should be no squealing sound when operating them. Some shutter makers use tension screws on each side of the shutters to achieve it. However, this needs regular tightening of the screws to ensure that they maintain the tension. A better way to achieve this is to use a technique called split nylon pin tension system that needs no maintenance and still achieves the desired results. When looking for the plantation shutters, prefer shutters that have the split nylon pin tension system used in them.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

Buy from a reputable company

This factor sounds obvious but with such many plantation shutter makers in the market today, the buyers may get confused. Usually, a small research will help you discover the company that has reputation, knowledge, great reviews, and have been the market for a long time. When you visit their showroom, ask questions which will not only help you understand whether they provide after-sale support and are accessible but also whether they have the required knowledge. Ask for references who you can crosscheck. When the company is forthcoming with all the information you seek, it is a good sign.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

Ask for samples

A company selling plantation shutters should be able to provide you with a complete and finished sample of a plantation shutter. This will help you check the quality of the finish and construction first-hand. The shutter should be painted and stained properly. The painted surface should be smooth, and you should be able to run a hand on the surface and not feel any graining or roughness. The stained surface should be even and have a protective coat.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

Proper measurements for each window

No two windows are the same. So, you must ensure that the company installing the shutters takes measurements for each window and not assume that they are all equal in size. Every window should have a plantation shutter customised for it.

6 Qualities to Look for In A Top Plantation Shutter -

Thermal Insulation

The plantation shutter should be able to provide proper thermal insulation. If the shutters are hollow blades, they cannot achieve it. Aluminium shutters are thermal efficient and save a great deal of heating and cooling through the windows. This leads to savings in the utility bills.

Plantation shutters are an important part of your house and demand a considerable investment. So, don’t rush into buying them. Quality of the shutters is a huge factor. Do a proper research, verify the factors listed above and only when you are completely satisfied, go ahead with the purchase.

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