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4 Shutter Myths Exposed

4 Shutter Myths Exposed

Popular myths around shutters that must be exposed

When it comes to plantation shutters, there are many myths floating around; plantation shutters can be done yourself (DIY), not all homes need plantation shutters, shutters can make your home look dark,  plantation shutters and blinds are the same thing, shutters are very expensive and so on. Well these myths are just what they are; myths. There is absolutely no substance to them and so here are 4 biggest myths that we will talk about or let’s say expose in this article.

4 Shutter Myths Exposed -

Shutters are expensive: While an item being cheap or expensive is a subjective matter and depends on the purchasing power of a customer, people generally think that the shutters are overtly expensive over let’s say, drapes or blinds. If one simply equates a plantation shutter with a blind, then shutters do come across as more expensive. However, the moment you bring utility and durability of the shutters versus the blinds into the equation, the extra money seems so much worth it. Consider this: blinds are simply window decorations and nothing more than that. They only last a few years at best whereas plantation shutters are permanent additions to your home and windows with numerous benefits. Apart from looking beautiful and modern, they protect your windows, make your house energy efficient, help you control the amount of heat and light that enters the rooms, enhance the value of your home, and last a lifetime. So in terms of money, they easily justify the extra costs over blinds or drapes that need a replacement every now and then.

4 Shutter Myths Exposed -

Shutters and blinds are the same thing: We hear this a lot, especially from first-time buyers who believe that there is no difference between plantation shutters and blinds. Most of the times, this confusion arises from the fact that they both look similar. And then people often get confused between slates and louvers which leads them to believe that shutters and blinds have similar utilities. In reality, they are both so much apart in form and features that there is hardly any comparison between them. Consider the following features and you’ll understand how much they differ from each other:

  • Shutters block out the entire window whereas blinds do not.
  • Shutters easily last for more than 20 plus years whereas the life of a blind ranges from 3-5 years at the most.
  • Shutters are permanent and blinds are temporary.
  • Shutters can block up to 30 degrees of outside temperature whereas blinds only do so minimally.
  • Shutters fit any window whereas blinds fit only the rectangular ones.
4 Shutter Myths Exposed -

Wooden plantation shutters are the best: How many times have you heard that wooden shutters are the best. This myth has roots in the past because plantation shutters that were used centuries ago were largely made of wood. Today, the design and implementation of the shutters has evolved considerably and aluminium shutters are the most preferred. Aluminium makes for durable and stylish shutters and can easily be made to look like wood, if one prefers. However, some people still believe that plantation shutters can only be wooden. Any modern home that wants to look good, become energy efficient, control heat and light, and enhance its value can benefit from aluminium plantation shutters.

4 Shutter Myths Exposed -

Shutters can be installed yourself: This is a half-myth. In the past, it was virtually impossible to install plantation shutters on your own. After all, installing shutters is a matter of precise measurements in length and angles of the windows. If they have not been taken correctly, the shutters will not fit properly and be smooth in operation. If every part of the process is not done right, the shutters will not serve the purpose they’ve been installed for. In the end, you may end up with a questionable installation despite having spent a lot of money and time on the project.

However, with time, it has changed. Today, if you regularly do home maintenance  jobs and are confident with using drills and other tools correctly, then you can also install shutters yourself. Australian Plantation Shutters make installation-ready plantation shutters that you can install on your own provided you are confident with your measurements. In addition, the company representatives can also use Facetime to help you with installation directions and measurements, if needed.

If you hear any of these myths next time around, you know their worth. If there is anything else that you need clarity on, feel free to contact us at Australian Plantation Shutters, and we will do our best to answer your query and help you find the best plantation shutter or window decoration for your home.

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