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How To Treat Small Windows In Your Home

How To Treat Small Windows In Your Home

Small windows or windows that do not have a standard or more common size can be difficult to treat when it comes to covering them with something that looks good, allows control of air, heat, and light. Most of the times, you should be able to use a drape or a blind to cover them.  The problem with this treatment is that when the window is open, it doesn’t look good. It also prevents the natural light from coming through into the room. So what kind of window treatments can prove useful when you not only wish to cover a small window but also allow proper control over heat and light.

How To Treat Small Windows In Your Home -

Small windows are there for a reason: Most of the times, the home-owners completely miss the point about why the small, long square windows were installed in the house. In addition to decoration, they play an important role of bringing in fresh air and light. If such windows are set up high, they become the source of incoming natural light without compromising the structural strength of the house. It can be a huge relief in a room that does not have enough windows to allow proper ventilation. The sidelight windows next to the doors have the same use; allow you to see who’s outside without opening the door. Installing blinds or drapes in such rooms not only defeats their purpose as the windows will become permanently blocked, such treatments also do not last a long time. Ideally, you should be able to open the window and let the sunlight in and block it when there is too much heat. Plantation shutters achieve this purpose very well while at the same time, making the windows look elegant and modern. However, make sure that the plantation shutters for such windows are always custom-made.

How To Treat Small Windows In Your Home -

Custom-made plantation shutters: Windows that do not have standard dimensions need a treatment that is customised for the exact dimensions. Plantation shutters are custom-made and versatile, both in form as well as material. This makes them ideal candidates for treating your small windows. But considering that such windows are small and usually of different and uncommon dimensions, it is important that the shutters are built to measurements.  This will make all the windows look consistent even if they are of different sizes. When the whole house is being renovated, pick the treatment for the smaller windows first and then match it with the other bigger and standard windows. This will help the smaller windows blend well with the standard ones giving your room a uniform design scheme.

Advantages of plantation shutters: Plantation shutters make for a proper fit on any window without any dangling cords or hanging bars.  Shutters are available in a variety of materials so there is a lot of scope for customisation for smaller windows. With plantation shutters, higher-perched smaller windows that used to be eyesores become candid fashion statements that let in light when opened and block it when the glare is high. In either case, they blend well with the overall theme of your room.  

Also, Australian Window Association makes it mandatory for the manufacturers of windows made from timber, aluminium, uPVC or other materials to undergo prescribed performance tests to verify product performance claims to AS2047. This ensures that your window and plantation shutters are properly certified.

We can help you find the right plantation shutters for your smaller windows. Contact us for a consultation and our representative will visit your house, take measurements, and then discuss with you the different customised windows treatments available that will work with the overall look, design, and feel of your home.

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